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31 Oct, 2018 4:02:37 PM / by Quek Leng Chuang

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If you currently avoid printing a 60-page report (because you know your colleagues will only read the summary for the meeting…) then you’re well on your way to reducing paper waste in your office. Did you know that there are other printing practices that you may not always think about, which are also really easy to implement in your company? Here are some interesting ones!

25% of paper is discarded 5 minutes after being printed. And paradoxically, the development of digital media has not been matched by a decrease in paper consumption, which still accounts for 75% of office waste on average.

Paper is therefore the resource to be rationalized as a priority. As a big consumer of water for its production (10 liters of water needed to produce a single sheet of paper!), paper must be used cleverly, even if you don’t always write clever things on it.

For an eco-responsible use, here are some simple ways to reduce the use of paper at your workplace and be a hero (your CFO will thank you):


Print Double-sided.

A company of 5000 employees that uses double-sided printing for only 10% of its printing could save up to $355k… Maybe management will finally agree to buy that coffee machine and a table football now (or you can channel that to your electricity bill - just saying). 


Collect Your Print-Outs Immediately.

Don’t forget to collect your printed document out immediately, instead of running the risk of double printing. Giselle is famous for that. Full-color cat prints. Just left there.


Print Only What You Need.

Print only when it is imperative, and only the necessary part of the document. When you have no choice but to print, use Print Friendly to get rid of ads and save paper. 


Reuse Old Print-Outs.

Use the back of used documents to make rough paper. Nicole will surely use it, for her shopping list, on Fridays 5pm.


Reduce Hand-Outs in Meetings.

For meetings, opt for digital presentations. You can always send the digital version via email to reduce your paper waste. 


Print On Recycled Paper.

New contracts for your customers need to be on new pieces of paper but you can prioritize printing on recycled paper, particularly for internal use.


Fonts Matter.

To save ink and money, change the font. Switching from the font 'Arial' to 'Century Gothic' saves 30% ink on printing. But please say no to Comic Sans.


Strategic Placement of Shared Printers.

Last but not least, move the shared printers just outside the office of your boss or the finance department. Digital will definitely come back in force.


At ES Living, by default, our green customers only receive electronic bills instead of paper ones. And this saves them money too, as we do provide printed copies for a fee.


When you print less, you save more. Wish to go a step further to make your business sustainable and future-proof?Sign up with us at http://env-solutions.com/living today to find out about carbon offsets and other applicable ways to go green. 


Get in touch with us via email at living@env-solutions.com  or call +656523 2299 for more information. If you have tips to share, don’t forget to share your pictures with us by using #LiveGreenSG on instagram and tag @ESLivingSG




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Quek Leng Chuang

Written by Quek Leng Chuang

LengChuang is a chemical engineer and an expert in carbonomics. He is the co-founder and owner of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd and ES Power.