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What is a Carbon Neutral Event?


Despite our increasing enthusiasm for digital communications in today’s society, events remain an integral method of engagement, used to connect, share ideas or celebrate achievements.

Thus, the event industry is still very much active, and consequently, its climate footprint as well. When planning and executing these events, organizers and participants generate millions of tons of CO2 each year, through food, travel, and heavy use of electricity event space etc. Nevertheless, a Carbon offset system can enable these events to become carbon neutral by supporting emission-reduction programs around the world. 

With ES Living you can partner to fully compensate the unavoidable emissions of events and activities through the purchase of carbon credits (Certified Emission Reduction Credits - CER) over a range of projects.

By buying these carbon credit offsets and retiring them for the specific events, these events are thus carbon neutral and will then contribute to the financing of a project aimed at replacing the consumption of fossil fuels with clean energies, in a simple process of fair exchange.


Why make your event Carbon Neutral?


Businesses are realising how critical it becomes to adopt a more sustainable approach to business. Indeed, sustainability is not only a destination anymore, but a journey. Today’s market reality is about complete transparency and dialogue.

The event industry is not separate from this approach. As an influential industry, it has to demonstrate how responsible event planning can lead to a positive legacy in strongly reducing our impact on climate change.

Showing environmental management is vital for media-friendly and environmentally-friendly events, to build a successful brand and demonstrate consistency.


Carbon Neutral Events sponsored by ES Power


With ES Living we hope that sustainable event planning services we offer will drive the industry in that direction in the long run, and lead the way in responsible environmental and social practices. Here are some inspiring examples of the Carbon Neutral Events ES Living (Previously ES Power) sponsored.


Earth Fest 2019

On the 24th of June to the 30th of June of this year, the second edition of the Earth Fest was celebrated in Singapore. This time, the sustainability festival was held at Plaza Singapura, celebrating in conjunction the site’s 45th anniversary. The event offered different environmental- themed activities that were both recreational and educational. 





DBS Marina Regatta 2019


    Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 1-48-34 PM


We are happy to have partnered with DBS Bank in helping Singapore become a more eco-friendly and sustainable society. The DBS Marina Regatta is Singapore’s Biggest Bay Festival, it took over from the 31 of May to the 2nd of June of 2019. It offered a set of different activities including Singapore’s largest eco-maze and the international dragon boating competition.


Earth Hour 2019

From the 29 to the 31 of March of 2019, the largest festival for nature was organized in Singapore! More than 40,000 people came together to celebrate Earth Hour and call for urgent action for the environment. This moment was shared among 188 countries around the globe, and aimed to rally the local community and build a sentiment of consciousness and commitment among all Singaporeans and visitors, that can drive a major change for the environment.


This music, art and food festival was hosted by WWF and we partnered with them to power the event with carbon neutrality. Not only we offset their emissions, but we participated with a booth to share our practices and answer questions about sustainability and green living.



Denmark Day 2017, 2018 & 2019

On the 11th of June of 2019, this celebration emphasised Denmark’s global commitment to act on climate challenges and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore hosted, for the third consecutive year, a carbon neutral event, with 110 metric tons of CO2 offset with our help. This is equivalent to planting 554 fully-grown canopy trees. 


This event has a direct social and environmental impact, as with this contribution, the Embassy of Denmark has supported/funded a wind power project in China, reducing CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions and creating 20 long-term jobs as well as more than 100 temporary job employment during its construction. 



On the 5th of June 2017 were celebrated the Danish National Day (Constitution Day) and World Environment Day at the same time, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore. Among the distinguished guests of this event we could find the Danish Ambassador, the Singaporean Ambassador to Denmark, Members of Parliament of Singapore, and the Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Manpower & Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  


denmark day (1)


This event aimed at promoting the cordial relations between Singapore and Denmark while focusing mostly on environmental problems and solutions in both countries. The Danish Ambassador was proud to announce that his country embraced sustainable energy with more than 50% of electricity consumed coming from wind energy in 2016, and that they engaged to become carbon neutral by 2025. These initiatives were described as a possible inspiration for Singapore.


Making the event the first carbon neutral Danish National Day event in Singapore was thus essential to show consistency and its continual involvement towards environmental concerns. At the end of the ceremony, a Carbon Neutral Certificate was presented to the Royal Danish Embassy of Singapore, certifying that ES Power retired 118 metric tons CO2 of Carbon Credits against greenhouse gas emissions generated on the event.


denmark retouch

The carbon offsetting of this commemoration financed an energy generation project in South Korea, that uses surplus waste gases produced by a steel plant, to generate electricity.
Without this Waste Energy Project, the waste gases would have been otherwise emitted to atmosphere after incineration, and energy would be imported from foreign countries.
APEX Corporate Sustainability Awards 2017

The Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards Gala Dinner was held on the 8th of November 2017 as the most prestigious form of recognition for companies in Singapore on Corporate Sustainability. This event, organised by Global Compact Network Singapore, gathered 160 guests at PARKROYAL on Pickering and was graced by the Minister of Finance.

It aimed at rewarding organisations that have demonstrated excellence in sustainability, and those aspiring to improve their sustainability practices. This outstanding performance can take the form of sustainable business models and operations, or contribution to the field of clean technology.

As Global Compact Network Singapore is the agency promoting the UN Global Compact’s principles at country level, making this event Carbon Neutral in collaboration with ES Power was just another inspiring model provided to Singaporean businesses to help them begin, deepen and broaden their CSR strategy.

ES Power sponsored this event by retiring 10 metric tons of Carbon Credits from a power project in Bailing Miao in China, with a significant social impact: the creation of 20 full-time and 100 part-time jobs and the training of workers to enhance their job skills.

siva at apex
apex certificate
Conscious festival by Green is the new black 2017 

The Conscious Festival, organised by Green is the New Black, happened on the 1st of October at PARKROYAL on Pickering and featured over 70 mindful brands in the Marketplace, 8 artists at the stage, and 19 speakers at the talks.

The festival was about empowering people by teaching them how to live a little more consciously by just taking a few green steps forward. The theme of this event was “Conscious living”: understand how our choices not only impact us, but our surroundings and the environment.


conscious festival
The organizers decided to start showing how to use more ethical and sustainable methods by asking to ES Power to make the festival Carbon Neutral, by offsetting 60 metric tons of CO2 to support a Grid Connected Natural Gas Power Plant in NanJing, China. This project helped to reduce GHG emissions that are directly associated with coal fired power plants and created employment opportunities for local residents.
siva at conscious festival
Garden beats music festival 2018 

Garden Beats is an electronic music and picnic festival, that took place on 3rd of March at Fort Canning Park. People enjoyed food and fun games all day, while dancing to the mixes of international and local DJs like Youngr, Pomo, Hernandez Bros, and .gif.


garden beats

This year, Sunshine Nation wanted to add a greener twist to the regular festival by presenting it as the first Carbon Neutral Music Festival in Singapore! The event also became more eco-friendly by offering conscious brands and initiatives to be part of its programme, such as Franksincare or Just Gaya.

ES Power managed to make this festival the first sustainable music event in Singapore by offsetting 150 metric tons of CO2, thus funding a Wind Power Project in India. This project consists of 67 wind turbine generators installed in Madhya Prahesh, India. It contributes towards sustainable development by helping creating employment opportunities for local people to alleviate poverty, and by replacing electricity generated from fossil fuels.


quek at garden beats



Urban Ventures 2018 


Urban Ventures celebrated its 10th edition on Temple Street, on the 7th of July 2018. This event is a car-free partying initiative organised by Lopelab to reclaim the streets with art, music and culture. This day was an occasion to enjoy live DJs, group street yoga, salsa dancing, and other activities and exhibitions.

Lopelab made this anniversary edition an opportunity to have a more general impact on sustainability  than a focusing fight on car-centric culture. Thus, they asked for ES Power to be their Sustainability Partner and make the event Carbon-Neutral, by offsetting 21 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 


 WhatsApp Image 2018-09-05 at 13.52.34WhatsApp Image 2018-09-05 at 13.52.36

SOUFRA’s Asian Premiere 2018

The Asian Premiere of SOUFRA was held on 1st and 2nd of September 2018 at Capitol Theatre.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Thomas Morgan, SOUFRA is an award-winning documentary film that follows the entrepreneurial journey of refugee Mariam Shaar, who beat all odds to change her fate by launching a successful catering company with her fellow refugee women. As a film festival focused on community and societal change, the Premiere also included in its line-up a showcase of local social enterprises that are doing good for the community by means of a Social Enterprise Market.


As an inspiring contribution to wider society, the organizer Air Amber wanted to make the Premiere and the Social Enterprise Market Carbon Neutral. ES Power made it a reality by offsetting 100 tons of CO2, so that the event left no carbon footprint. This purchase of carbon credits enabled the Za Hung Hydropower Project in Vietnam to carry on its environmental mission.  

The event also happened to be the first ever Social Impact film event in Singapore. Its Social Impact Report reveals that sharing the current challenges of Mariam’s refugee camp led to a fundraising of SG$85,000 from cookbook sales, private and corporate donations. This will contribute to the ongoing development of the the Burj el-Barajneh camp’s Children’s Center, and to building a school for the children in the camp.




How to concretely make your event Carbon Neutral with ES Power ?

ES Power works with event organizers to provide the optimal carbon neutral solution and support the event with the quality documentation needed for clear and professional communication, including a Carbon Neutral Certificate.


You may ask, just how are these numbers calculated? To achieve carbon neutrality for their events, we will measure with organizers the total direct unavoidable carbon emissions generated by the event venue. Based on this final figure, ES Power will invest the equivalent amount of carbon credits into environmental projects with added buffers to ensure full carbon offset for the events.

For instance, calculation can include (but is not limited to) carbon emissions associated with:

  • Delegate travel
  • Electricity consumption
  • Food consumption
  • Accomodations
  • Waste generation
  • Exhibits and special equipment
  • Marketing Collaterals and efforts

Live Green with us and make your event Carbon Neutral!

If you have a social cause that you support and if you want to make your event carbon neutral, we would love to hear from you at living@env-solutions.com  or call +656523 2299.  Do sign up to know more updates at www.env-solutions/living.com


If you have tips to share, don’t forget to share your pictures with us by using #LiveGreenSG on instagram and tag @ESLivingSG. We look forward to Living Green with You



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